Free Doodle Tees Downloads (& Contest)

"Photo of a kid coloring with markers Doodle Tees' 'No Limits' astronaut design printed on a paper"

COVID-19 has been doing a very good job of testing the patience of parents all around the World!

School's out, playgrounds are closed and kids are forced to stay at home in “quarantine mode”…without some sort of a creative outlet for kids at home, we fear that parents may go to the hospital prematurely…just to get a break.

We know that there are tons of free online schools and creative outlets that have helped entertain parents & kids during COVID-19, and we want to do our part as well!

Until this whole COVID-19 thing blows over, Doodle Tees will be releasing our hand-drawn ‘T-Shirt Designs' to be downloaded and printed onto paper, so that you and yours can color them in and enter the contest we're throwing!

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